Blanter Wisdom Template Blogger

Blanter Wisdom Template Blogger

Blanter Wisdom Template Blogger

Blogger Template - Blanter Wisdom template that claimed to be a comfortable blogger template, the creator of Blanter Wisdom template is the work of In this article I will share this Wisdom Blanter Template for free! Surely you want to feel the true fact that this template is claimed to make it comfortable, of course you are curious about the following features that have Wisdon's Blanter Template.

Google Testing Tool ValidatorTrue
SEO FriendlyTrue
Mobile FriendlyTrue
Menu NavigationTrue
Infinite Scroll On DTETrue
Emoji CommentTrue
Related PostTrue
New Threaded CommentTrue
Subcribe WidgetTrue
Featured PostTrue
Back To TopTrue

Are you sure you don't want to try to feel the sensation of the Blanter Wisdom template? Haha, this template uses a mixed design, combining ordinary design and Material Design design. Featured Featured Posts are also modified and look very modern and responsive.

The Clean and Unique Display Design will make your blog more comfortable to see with forms of images that are not squares, make the display more smooth and light. The effects of the Wisdom Blanter Menu are also unusual with special scripts that make the hover effect come alive.

What? Want to try this Blanter Wisdom template instead, if you want, please download it at the following link:

Please note that this template has a Javascript Lock feature, so don't try to delete IDBlanter Credit from time to time if you don't want the template to redirect to the delevoper blog.

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