Safelink Materialize Template Blogger

Safelink Materialize Template Blogger

Safelink Materialize Template Blogger

Blogger Templates - Definitely familiar to bloggers when they hear "Safelink", usually Safelink is used for the purpose of increasing google adsense earnings and simplifying shortlinks to complicated destination links.

Safelink Materialize Blogger Template is one of them Safelink Templates that are widely used among bloggers to seek additional income and secure links from viruses.

Unfortunately there are shortcomings in Safelink Materialize This Blogger template has not added AdBlock and Click Bombs. Please add it yourself, Safelink Display Materialize this mobile version is also fairly responsive and modern and its appearance, for the demo check below.

Safelink Materialize Template Blogger

How interested you want to try Safelink Materialize this Blogger Template while increasing your AdSense income? Next Demo and Link Free Download! and also how to install it.
How to install Safelink Materialize Blogger Template

First download the Templates file above, if you already go to this installation tutorial.

Edit robots.txt specifically uses this script to resolve errors that will occur if you don't use it.

User-agent: *

Disallow: / *? *

Disallow: / search

Allow: /

Use the special robots.txt above, edit it on your blogger dashboard.

Then open the XML editor and the like or it can also be in Notepad. Look for the following code in the template.

<script src = 'https: //' type = 'text / javascript' />

<script src = 'https: //' type = 'text / javascript' />

Copy the link marked in red, then open the browser, copy all the links, open to upload the js file. If you don't know how to upload .js on Github, check the Google tutorial.

After successfully uploading the hosting itself and the .js github link is converted to, don't forget to match the .js file name according to the original. Examples like the following:

Note: For "USSERNAME" change with the username used in your Github account.
Next, also name the "safeplatinum" project to match the name on your Github project.
The file name .js (XXX / jquery.pietimer.min.js and XXX / clipboard.min.js) matches the file name according to the .js file that you uploaded on your Github.

After successfully uploading and converting the link on, then you can change the name of the .js file that has the safelink template.

If all the templates have been edited, just upload the blogger theme.

And finally open to try whether or not an error when converting Safelink. If it works like this, the result will be:

Safelink Materialize Template Blogger

For ads, please look for the following code and edit it in the template.

<! - Ad Top Article 1 ->

</ div>

<div class = 'hidden btn waves-light wave effect blue darken-2 white-text' id = 'getlink'> Click 2 </ div>

<div class = 'post-ads' id = 'ads2'>

<! - Adverts For Articles 2 ->

</ div>

</ div>

<div class = 'post-body entry-content float-container' expr: id = '& quot; post-body- & quot; + data: '>

<data: post.body />

</ div>

<div class = 'center'>

<div class = 'post-ads' id = 'ads3'>

<! - Ad Top Article 3 ->

</ div>

<button class = 'btn blue darken-2 waves-effect waves-light white-hidden text' disabled = '' id = 'gotolink'> Go to Link </ button>

<div class = 'post-ads' id = 'ads4'>

<! - Ad Top Article 4 ->

How easy is that right? That's how to install Safelink Materialize, for other templates please check for updates to this blog;)

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